Add The Daily Telegraph to the list

I mentioned the other day how it is a sorry state of affairs when you cannot even trust the BBC to correctly get things right. Well, The Telegraph. the war veteran, hardcore Conservative’s paper of choice is even worse.

A statement on Arsenal’s website confirmed that their new recruit would wear the No 23 jersey, as Arshavin had revealed earlier on his official website. The number had been unused since the departure from the club of Sol Campbell, who chose the shirt in honour of basketball legend Michael Johnson, who also wore the number.

Not the same person.

As a sports journalist, I realise that you can’t expect every writer to be an expert in every field. However when you’re getting names like Michael Jordan wrong then it’s time to go back to the news desk and start re-wording council press releases again.

Hat tip: Brian Phillips, for directing me to the link in the first place.

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