MLS 2009 kicks off

The new Major League Soccer season kicked off in America last night with the latest team (not franchise, team) Seattle Sounders earning a win over last year’s runners-up New York Red Bulls. (video above)

I’ve ebeen excited about the start of the new campaign since January’s draft and am contemplating watching Toronto FC’s kick off when I get in on Saturday night as it should be about a 2am start UK time on Sunday morning.

If the first game is anything to by then it should be a good season, albeit a very Amdricanised one. The openeing encounter itself was lalmost Hollywood-inspired with the new boys upsetting the odds and winning their first game 3-0 in front of a sold out stadium, full of jubilant flag-waving fans. And, for good measure, an owner who also happens to be a major tv personality in Drew Carey.

There are obvious comparisons with Toronto FC, the most recent MLS expansion team before them, who also have sold out every home game in their history despite than thrilling results in their opening two seasons.

The star in the opening game was Freddy Montero who applied two superb finishes which would be impressive at any standard of football but the defending for the third goal is questionable to say the least.

So we’re back and off to a flyer. I think I am largely alone, maybe not in the blogosphere but certainly in the real world, in my affection for Major League Soccer, but I am excited for the new season and can’t wait to actually get out there and see a game live later in the year. But more of that nearer the time…

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2 Responses to MLS 2009 kicks off

  1. nickgula says:

    Nice post, I think that Seattle looks like they may give BMO Field a good run for their money as far as the fan atmosphere.

    Also hoping to see a game there this year (wasnt able to last year). That stadium really is a beauty.

    Check out my blog at thanks!

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