Toronto FC begin with a win

I mentioned on Friday how excited I was for the new Major League Soccer season to kick off and it’s only heightened after last night’s festivities.

In the effort of full disclosure I should point out that I horrifically mis-judged the time difference and didn’t get the chance to watch the full match line on the internets as I had hoped for.

After walking into the house at 1.55am on Sunday morning, I thought I had five minutes to fire up the laptop and put the kettle on before kick off but to my horror I then saw 72 minutes had gone and TFC were 3-1 up. Obviously pleasing but disappointing to have missed the bulk of the action, but after unsuccessfully messing around with Bet365 and Betfair streams of the game it may have been an even more frustrating operation had I got in on time.

I plan to try and catch the whole game or at least more extended highlights at some point but until then, some observations from youtube:

– There was much made of the fact that Toronto are going to play with Guevera and De Rosario in a kind of ‘double pivot’ at the head of midfield. It’s a very bold tactic and one that will likely be exploited by the more acute teams in the league after few games. However that it worked so well last night is a credit to John Carver.

– All of Toronto’s goals were pretty well-worked. Brennan’s opener was particularly impressive and you have to say the goalkeeping was very poor for our third though.

– I do not think Kansas’ first goal crossed the line. Great shot but the replay was inconclusive and appeared to bounce on the white dust rather than behind it. Luckily it did not come back to haunt us.

– No doubt about their second goal to make it 3-2 though. Cracking strike. I’ve never seen Davy Arnaud play before but he seems to be one to keep an eye on. Wikipedia says he is in his 29th year though so I am hardly ahead of the pack on this observation.

– Judging from th live updates on the Red Patch Boys forum (your home for anything TFC related) De Rosario missed a late penalty, and Soccernet confirms this, but it was not shown on the highlights. Seems a pretty big thing to omit.

– Not really a game observation, but just to re-state how amazing the MLS Youtube channel is. They will have highlights of every game this season, hours after it is played, so people anywhere in the world can see every goal despite the lack of global TV coverage. I know legally it wouldn’t work in every country, but other sports could learn a lot from this great use of technology and approach to make fans’ lives easier.

– I wasn’t aware of these stats before but last night was the first time Toronto had won their opening game in three attempts and amazingly only the fifth away in their MLS history. The omens are good…

Suggested reading:

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One Response to Toronto FC begin with a win

  1. Fredorrarci says:

    Does the Wizards’ first goal not hit the stanchion rather than the bar?

    And is that the Big Wheel on commentary?

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