Columbus Crew 1, Toronto FC 1

Two away games, four points, unbeaten and (at the time of writing) top of the league. Not a bad start to the season for Toronto FC.

(North American readers will notice that I put the scores with the home team first, followed by the away in the European manner. I am too long in the tooth to adapt to your methods even when discussing the MLS.)

So last week I got my timing all wrong and missed a lot of th Toronto FC and unsusprisingly I did so again! But at least I know why now. That being inferior other continents and their choosing to move clocks forward three weeks earlier than the civilised world.

So a random tweet from Richard, or AMSL fame, alerte me the game was in progress and just some short credit card shuffling later, I was on paying the $19.95 for an online season ticket and then, as if by magic, LIVE and LEGAL viewing of Toronto FC. Glorious…

Not that glorious is an adjective which could be used to preface many of the asects at this game but it was still very cool them watch live and in 800k.

Some match thoughts:

– I tuned in after we had gone 1-0 behind but havng seen the replays I think it’s obviously a harsh decision and very similar to one that was given in the game I covered in England during the afternoon. I can’t make too many comments on the first half but by all accounts Frei in goal was good until a back injury forced him to be replaced by Greg Sutton at half time.

– I must give a shout out to the good people over at the GoTFC site who had a live interactive blog of the game which I joined in and very much enjoyed. I’ll be there again in future when I can watch games live.

– From what I did see, Greg Sutton wa pretty consistent in the net and bailed us out on a couple of occasions. I’m not sure how the concept of having two front line keepers compete for a place is going to work out long term (or three if you include Edwards) and it will be interesting to see who is preferred against Seattle next weekend.

– Defensively however we were not so sound. I am big fan of ‘Marvellous’ Marvell Wynne and think he could be very effective in a top European league when he has a bit more experience, but the centre backs next to him are not the strongest. Brennan at left back is an experienced head but there are gaping holes in the middle and Serioux expecially seems a bit ogf a liability.

– The midfield was missing Carl Robinon and Guevara who are two big players so that was always going to have an effect. I didn’t see much of Ricketts before he was subbed but his replacement, Johann Smith, did not impress me. His first touch is pretty poor and he doesn’t seem as good as Ricketts when on form. De Rosario tried too many touches at time but you can tell technically he is still a step above most others on his side.

– I didn’t see us equalising and when it came it was lucky but I think overall a draw was probably a fair result. Columbus looked stronger defensively and we didn’t create too much but… actually I can’t really justify we deserved a draw other than saying Columbus were equally as impotent in attack as us. talking of forwards, I wonder why Dichio isn’t starting instead of Chad Barrett. Maybe next week.

I’ll post the video when it arrives on youtube. Comments welcome as always below.

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