Getting this going again…

INSPIRATION? I was compelled to commit to writing here again while watching Vicenzo Iaquinta score a penalty against New Zealand in the World Cup.

When I started this blog, I was someone trying to break into the world of sports journalism. I wrote on here a fair bit.

In the intervening period, I have worked at a few different sports desk, reported on football at lots of different grounds, learnt a lot more about the process of writing and generally spend a lot more time-consuming football and sports in many different forms.

Despite this, I have not posted on here in more than a year. I have lost my domain name (which apparently costs a bizarre amount of money to renew) and in general, the foundations are crumbling beneath it.

This could partly be to my increased interest in Twitter (follow me via the link on the left), but it’s a poor excuse really. I used to like writing on here and the debates which arose as a result and, if anything, the added dimension of Twitter would only mean more possibilities to talk people with interesting perspectives on the game.

So here it is. The proverbial kick-start to get this going again. Nothing more grand than that for the time being, but stay tuned.

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