Wales v Poland

The Wales v Poland friendly, from tonight, was played in Portugal, in front of 487 people.

The result was 1-0 to Poland.

As if anyone, anywhere, cares.

City look for copy of 1927 Welsh victory

This is also another short item I wrote in the week for somewhere else.

A Welsh club getting to the final of an English competition may have abruptly woken those at UEFA who had never previously considered it, however it is far from a new phenomenon.

Cardiff previously won the trophy back in 1927 when Hughie Ferguson scored the only goal in their 1-0 victory over Arsenal.

Crewe Alexandra are among the clubs who have returned the favour by winning the Welsh Cup in both 1936 and 1937.

Going back further still, Queen’s Park of Scotland reached the FA Cup final on two occasions in 1884 and 1885, falling at the first hurdle both times.

On the continent, AS Monaco, the only team in the small principality, have won numerous French cups and topped the league table as recently as 2000.

SK Rapid Wien are the most controversial example of a team winning domestic trophies in another country.

When Austria was invaded by the Nazis in 1938, Wien were among those clubs incorporated into Germany’s footballing hierarchy. They defeated Frankfurt in the same year to win the German cup and clinched the league title three years later.

Euzkadi, the Basque national team, even crossed continents in 1939 when they entered the Mexican league and finished second.